We do everything.

Whether staging and freshening up a single room, or working with homeowners
and investors to completely re-imagine an entire home, we are prepared to work with a wide
variety of budgets. We specialize in taking older homes and making them feel current,
while maintaining their character and original beauty.

Sometimes this requires re-discovering hidden beauty; sometimes it requires toning
down and adding some modern touches. Staging is all about finding the harmony between the
personal and impersonal, the old and the new, and being able to "edit" a space. This is often
difficult for people that have lived in and loved their homes for a long time.

We understand how emotionally connected you can feel to your home - it is a deeply
personal space, filled with memories and each family's stamp on it. Our job is to help your home
find new life while respecting your connection to your home. Once you start the process, you will
find that it can be very exciting and cathartic.